A short, Zelda-like, story-driven adventure game following a goblin, Tics, and a talking rose plant, Roseline, as they search for the 'THREE GREAT SEEDS' to save Roseline's dying garden.


Move with WASD

Attack with left mouse button

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Action, Puzzle
TagsAction-Adventure, Action RPG, storygame, Story Rich, Top Down Adventure


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I'm afraid you mispelled 'you're'. Nice game though.

very cute!

That's pretty sweet. I'm glad you didn't make the combat overly difficult, which helped me make it to the end without dying too much (the only thing that killed me was the Great Sword as I was experimenting with the puzzle)

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A lovely, fun little game. Thank you. Loved the grass animation when walking through, as well as final battle.

great short experience! sad and sweet

by the way, what's the title of the song that plays in the Riley's Lab?  

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if I am correct that tune, in the beginning, is underclocked right. i can't get out of Dec 20th log because the exit out of log is the same as the exit of game screen

Yes, that is the name of the tune. I apologize for that bug though!

it's ok my game is a bit more buggy

love the graphics + undertale flashback

Thanks! I love Undertale! It definitely had an influence on this game. Thanks for playing!

The cooperation between a goblin and a rose, how could I not love it ! The story is great, the graphics are so consistent and on point, its a really nice little game.

Thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate it!

This was cool, I enjoyed it. I wasn't going to comment, but then the first & second books were dated July 13th & July 26th ironically my birthday & my brother's birthday. Thumbs up, keep up the great work.

Haha, what a coincidence! Thanks for playing!

Fantastic!! I love the retro look. Even if it makes me feel old

All of the styling in this game is great. I like how the grass moves. I like the lanterns, too. Only a few typos - the term is "engraving" - though WASD additional controls would be a help. I hope it is adapted for players without a mouse, too. Anyway, every part of it was fun and a nice casual challenge.

Unfortunately you have a very modern pixel gap where some layers don't line up? In the middle of the screen, a bit left-of-center, from top to bottom.

Thanks so much! The pixel gaps showed up when I exported it to itch.io, but I will definitely fix it eventually. This is the first full game I have made using Godot. and you are the first to comment on it, so your kind words really mean a lot! Thanks!